September 11, 2015

Yoga & Meditation for Kids

Join our classes for the kiddos in Chicago!

Peace & Play Yoga

@Musical Magic, Chicago

MusicalMagicTUESDAYS 4:15PM – 5:00PM
Yoga Youngsters

Yoga Youngsters is designed for children ages 3 to 6 years old.  It’s a drop-off class so parents can run an errand or enjoy a coffee break down the street.

Each 45-minute class has a different theme, such as “Off To See the Sea,” and “A Day At the Zoo”.  By using games, stories, arts and crafts, and of course MUSIC, kids are introduced to breath awareness, yoga poses and relaxation techniques.

In an 7-9 week session, children will have the opportunity to share with others and build self-confidence, as well as learn how to coordinate movement with song and create spatial awareness.  Through various poses children develop strength, flexibility and balance in their growing bodies and minds.

Get details & hold your spot!

LOCATION: 2255 W. Roscoe Ave., Chicago, IL 60618

Bring Peace & Play Yoga to YOUR Kiddos!

Let’s have an adventure! We will breathe like a lion, stretch like a cat, slither like a snake, sing, dance, make art, tell stories and more. Each session will feature a theme as we explore yoga postures and games to help kids channel their energy in a healthy way, challenge themselves physically, build confidence and coordination, and activate imagination.

Miss Andrea integrates her background in music, theatre and creativity to engage students in a playful experience of peaceful practices.

Contact us to see how you can bring Peace & Play Yoga to YOUR program. Options include weekly instruction, family fun events, play groups, Girl Scout & Daisy Scout troops, baby & me yoga, etc. Age range 6 weeks & up.

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