September 11, 2015

Yoga & Meditation for Grown-Ups

Stretch your body, relax your mind and strengthen your heart!

Yoga Classes

@Sat Nam Yoga, Chicago

Mondays 5:15–6:15PM

Explore a creative integration of yoga practices including breath-synchronized sequences of asana (postures), mantra (chanting) meditation, music, restorative yoga (supported postures for relaxation), and inspirational storytelling.

This heart-opening, mind-strengthening, body-restoring practice will help you cultivate a deep sense peace, devotion, and total well-being. During class we sing divine mantras to strengthen the heart while practicing hatha yoga postures to stretch the body and meditation to calm the mind. No previous experience is required.

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LOCATION: 1304 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60607

Yoga Nidra Andrea Klunder


Join me for this exploration of gentle yoga, creative visualization and deep relaxation class. This technique will help you access your deeper levels of consciousness to connect with a deep well of creative resources.

It’s magic!

P.S. You can learn more in Episode 13 of my podcast, The Creative Impostor.

Private & Custom Group Sessions by appointment.


Private Yoga & Meditation

In person or via Skype


New to yoga or meditation?

Need a practice reboot?

Can’t find a class that really gives you what you need?

Meditation can help you be calmer, clearer, more focused, more productive, happier and more peaceful.

Yoga can be custom tailored for your optimal physical, mental and energetic needs.

Yoga Nidra combines a gentle yoga practice, with guided meditation and visualization and coaching prompts to help you relax deeply and tune into your own creative intuition and purpose.

Together, we’ll find specific techniques to suit your intentions, goals and lifestyle. You’ll create accountability and receive support along the way.
Request a complimentary 15-min consultation by phone!

EXCHANGE: $120 per 60-minute session.
*Discounts applied when purchasing bulk sessions; sliding scale pricing options available upon request. Additional fee may be applied if traveling to your home.

LOCATION: Bucktown or West Loop in Chicago. Anywhere via Skype.

Guided Yoga & Meditation ONLINE

From your computer or mobile device!

The biggest challenge most of us face in creating a meditation or yoga practice is finding the time to do it.

You actually don’t need more hours in the day, or even a fancy cushion to start your practice. You just need to a little guidance to make it a HABIT! is making it so you can practice anytime, anywhere with dozens of teachers, in a super affordable way, no matter where you live.

Here’s how you can get access to my online classes, guided meditations and more:

1) Sign up for a 30-day free trial on
2) Find my classes. (You can search for my name.)
3) Set your space, maybe light some incense or breathe in some essential oil to set the mood.
4) Download or stream the practice of your choice and follow along.
5) Take a deep breathe and a moment of gratitude for carving out space for yourself.
6) Explore other AudibleYoga teachers and classes (ask me for recommendations) and then consider a monthly membership.

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